Book Review : Twenty Cakes to Knit

If you have eaten lots of eggs this Easter and you need a break from chocolate then this is the book for you! Knitted Cakes by Susan Penny is part of the Twenty to Make series and is filled with patterns for all sorts of cakes and sweet treats. There are cupcakes, a fruit tart, doughnuts, a chocolate gateau and even a Viennese whirl!

Book Review : 20 Knitted Cakes

Each cake is spread over two pages, the easy to read instructions for knitting and making up are teamed with great photos and detail shots. Each pattern specifies the colour and type of wool you will need and as you only need small quantities of each you can use up your odds and ends of wool. There are also variations knitted up in other colours, which will inspire your own custom knitted cakes! The birthday cake below would be perfect to customise.

Book Review : 20 Knitted Cakes

There are some interesting uses for novelty yarns and some of the patterns also utilise French knots and beads to add extra details. There are even a few seasonal suggestions such as the cupcake egg cosies for Easter and the Christmas cake with holly on top.

Book Review : 20 Knitted Cakes

The book is written for knitters who already know the basics although it does suggest a couple of books to read if you are just starting out. The projects cater for a good range of abilities, from the simple swiss roll through to the more complex Viennese whirl!

Book Review : 20 Cakes to Knit

You could use these patterns to knit a set of play food for children (replacing any beads with French Knots) or they would make original pincushions. Whatever you use the cakes for, you will definitely have fun knitting them! Once you have knitted all of these sugary treats you may feel the need to knit some fruit and vegetables!

Knitted Cakes is published by Search Press and you can pick up your own copy from Amazon. Please note : The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links so if you buy the book through this link I receive a small referral fee.


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