Knitted face cloths

It was Nikki’s birthday on Saturday and to complete her present I knitted her two luxury face cloths! The one on the left is a pattern from issue 25 of Mollie Makes, designed by the lovely Meredith Crawford from One Sheepish Girl and the cloth on the right is a waffle pattern from the Homespun Living blog. I chose an olive coloured cotton wool which will wash well and stay super soft. Knitting the waffle pattern was addictive and I have plans to write this up into a new pattern of my own!

Knitted face cloths

Knitting Details


  1. Oh, these are lovely – and inspiring too, as I’d been wondering whether to do the same – whether they’d be any nicer than, er, a flannel… But these look just lovely. Well done!

  2. This is such a good idea – I have loads of lovely pastel coloured cotton wool that I need to use and this seems like an ideal project. Thanks for sharing.

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