Heirloom flowers

One of the things that I loved about my Mum’s heirloom quilt was the way that she had stitched lots of her hexagons into flower shapes. I’ve picked out some of my favourite fabrics and have stitched them together to make sweet flowers to be added into my quilt. You can see the overall progress of my quilt here. Which flower is your favourite?

Heirloom Flowers

Heirloom Flowers

If you would like to learn how to stitch this kind of patchwork then come along to the workshop at Make on Saturday the 16th of March. This class costs £30 and includes all materials, tea and cake. There will be some beautiful fabrics to use and you will leave with a new skill that you can use to make so many lovely things. To book a place please email info@makesouthsea.com or call 02392 822026.



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