Button Stash Storage

Welcome to the third post of Sort, Store, Organise! Yesterday’s post featured two great tutorials from Yellow Spool and silly Old Suitcase. This week I will be sharing some ways that I have organised my supplies and here is my favourite storage solution, which keeps my precious button stash on hand.

I have a vast collection of buttons and I have found the perfect way to store them – in an old printers tray. We found this one at a car boot sale and brought it home for Matt to store his type in. It needed a good scrub and was soon looking good as new. The type never made it to the tray, instead the compartments were soon filled with all sorts of buttons and the tray slides neatly under my coffee table!

Storage : Printers Tray

Storage : Printers Tray

Storage : Printers Tray

Storage : Printers Tray

This month’s treasure hunting post will be arriving tomorrow and it will be filled with practical and beautiful storage ideas!



  1. So pretty 🙂 I love keeping my buttons in jars. Ideally, I want to find lots of small jars so I can colour-organise my buttons

  2. Button heaven! I am barmy about buttons but have nowhere near as many as you! What a fantastic way to store them. Sorry missed your 3 posts, WP reader seems to be very erratic. Don’t like missing posts 😦

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