Sort, Store, Organise!

I love organising and having a sort out, especially when it involves rediscovering fabric that I’d forgotten about and finding buttons that are waiting for that perfect project. What better time to organise your stash and plan some storage for your workspace than at the start of a brand new year? This week I am going to be writing a whole series of posts with ideas on how to store and sort all of your precious supplies, so that they are tidy, easy to find, and most importantly, displayed so that they will inspire you. I will be showing you how I store things, I’ve found a great book to review, there will be a couple of tutorials and this month’s treasure hunting post will be dedicated to storage!

Here are a couple of nifty storage solutions that I have posted about before to get the week started!

I found this gorgeous apprentice piece in an antiques shop and it was calling out to be cleaned up and used to store all sorts of haberdashery. I gave it a good scrub, then lined the drawers with old French maps. What do you think?

The drawers before the paint.

The finished drawers
The finished drawers

I devised a way to keep my felt in tip top condition – by hanging it on the side of an old cot! How do you store your felt?

Felt storage

In tomorrow’s post I will be bringing you two fantastic tutorials to make beautiful things for your workspace, one from Stacie at Yellow Spool and the second from Maartje at Silly Old Suitcase.



  1. Hi Georgina, I just love your antique shop find, it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your storage posts, it’s something I need to turn my attention to!

  2. Love the drawers with the map lining! 😀 Gorgeous idea. I definitely need more storage space… in particular, pretty storage space (mostly my stuff is in a cardboard box at the moment!)

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