Stitching an heirloom

I took my heirloom quilt and plenty more hexagons back to Somerset for Christmas so that I could spend some quality time stitching. My sister was the last one to design a section, so this time it was my Mum’s turn. Her heirloom quilt, which inspired mine, has lots of hexagon flowers in it, so I love that her panel for my quilt is based on this pattern. She picked out some great fabrics, including Happy Drawing by Ed Emberley (which I got from my latest splurge at the Eternal Maker!), some limited edition V&A fabric, some leftover lovelies from my niece’s quilt and one of my favourite fabrics ever – a scandinavian inspired beauty with a girl on horseback.

Heirloom Quilt Mum's Panel

I’m stitching this quilt completely by hand, so check back for updates and to watch it grow! If you want to take a peek at how big it currently is, hop over to my About page for a photo.



  1. This is beautiful and must take a long time! Making a patchwork quilt is on my goal list this year – I can’t wait to make a start on it!

  2. I absolutely love that hexie rosette – the colours and patterns just look gorgeous together. Your mum certainly has an eye for combining fabrics.

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