Packing my Christmas bag

For Christmas this year I am going home to Somerset for five whole days! I am so excited to be spending Christmas in the house where I grew up, eating good food, going for walks in the countryside and spending time with my favourite people. I am trying to decide what to pack, one thing is for sure, my heirloom quilt is coming with me! I’m going to curl up in front of the fire and eat my chocolate coins whilst I stitch away. I haven’t managed to find time for it recently so I am going to be sure to make good progress on it and I will report back soon to show you what I’ve accomplished!

Heirloom Quilt & Me

Heirloom quilt hexagons



    • Thank you sweetpea! O I might well do, my parents love Scotland so they could get me some 🙂 Happy Christmas to you too – look out for my Christmas post on Christmas Eve!

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