Treasure Hunting for Pom Poms

This month I’ve rediscovered the joy of making pom poms! So in celebration of all things cosy, this month’s treasure hunting post is all about those lovely balls of wool.

Chunky Raspberry Neon & Sand Striped Beanie by Il Palloncino Rosso
Light Purple Hand Knitted Pom Pom Scarf by microscosmos
Hand knit wool slippers by Baltic Frog
Neon Pom Pom Garland by June Bowtique
Chunky Pom Pom Multicolour Scarf by Realmlistic
Party Pom Poms by Iammie
Throw Blanket with Wool Pom Poms by Curran Studios
Frosty Blue Hot Water Bottle Cover by A Crooked Sixpence
Hand Printed Geometric Pom Pom Pillow by Regan’s Brain
Aqua Mini Pom Pom Trim by Emmy and Soph

All these images are featured with the kind permission of the wonderful people who have made or are selling these items. Thank you all very much! Click on the images to go through to their Etsy shops.


  1. What a lovely post! Funnily enough this month I made some pom poms too…the first since I was in primary school I think! I forgot how much fun they were. I’ve become a little obsessed, most Christmas presents now have a pom pom attached to them too. I love the idea of pom pom garlands too. I can see this getting out of hand!

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