Handmade Living

There are so many crafty magazines on the shelves now with hundreds of beautiful projects inside and its hard to know which one to pick. I picked up a copy of Handmade Living recently because the beautiful embroidered stockings caught my eye and I will certainly be looking out for it in the future.

Handmade Living

I really liked the mix of projects I found inside and it was refreshing to find recipes for warming winter dishes as well as a terrific gingerbread house. The skills covered include knitting, crochet, sewing, papercraft, gardening, baking and quite a few more!

Handmade Living

I loved the project for making your own porcelain modelling clay – this would be great to make personalised wedding favours as well as the stamped Christmas decorations shown.

Handmade Living

There is a set of quirky woodland creatures to stitch for your tree too.

Handmade Living

Amongst all these great makes was my favourite part about this magazine – six interviews with a diverse range of creative people. It’s great to hear about their experiences, how they work and to get a sneak peek into their studios as well!


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