Tutorial : Pom Poms

I think a lot of people learn how to make pom poms when they are children. I remember making them using cereal box card and my Mum’s oddments of wool. They are so simple to make, use up the tiniest scraps of wool and can be used for so many different things.

Here is a simple tutorial to show you how to make them, or to remind you how great they are!

To make pom poms you will need wool, a darning needle, some cardboard or a plastic pom pom maker and a pair of embroidery scissors. I find it easier to use a pom pom maker because I tend to wrap my wool quite tightly and sometimes the cardboard inside can twist out of shape. Using a pom pom maker will also make more consistently sized pom poms if you are making a set for a project and want them to match.

Tutorial : Pom PomsTo make your pom pom, pick the size that you want to make, take the two plastic discs and place the bevelled edges together, with the flat sides facing outwards. This will leave a channel between them which you will need later on. If you are using cardboard cut two discs the same size with a hole in the middle and place them together.

Tutorial : Pom Poms

Now you can begin wrapping the wool around your base. If your ball of wool is too big to fit through the middle of your base, cut it into long lengths and use these separately. Wind the wool over the top of each end to keep it securely in place.

Tutorial: Pom Poms

Tutorial: Pom PomsKeep winding until you have completely covered your base. Continue around again, distributing your wool evenly around the circle.

Tutorial : Pom PomsWhen the hole in the centre gets too small to pass the wool through with your fingers, thread the wool onto a darning needle and continue threading the wool round. When you have completely covered the base your pom pom will look like the photo below.

Tutorial : Pom PomsTake your scissors and snip the wool all the way down to the base, when you get through the first layer your scissors will fit into the groove between the bases, allowing you to easily cut through all of the layers. Follow the cut all the way around the edge.

Tutorial : Pom Poms

Tutorial : Pom PomsWhen you have cut all the way around, take a length of the same colour wool and put it in the groove between the plastic bases. Once you have wrapped it round, pull it tight and tie several knots to hold all of the wool together.

Tutorial : Pom PomsTo finish your pom pom, gently ease the base off each side.

Tutorial : Pom PomsFluff up the wool and trim any ends which stick out. One pom pom!

Tutorial : Pom PomsThere will be a great tutorial coming along next week which will show you some fun things to make with your pom poms!



  1. That is a great way to make poms! It seems much simpler than how I make them wrapping them around my fingers and then endlessly trimming them..great tutorial! thanks for this!

  2. Is it easier if you leave the smaller circles in the larger circle? I just learned how to use my pom pom makers and made my first garlands and never thought to leave the centers in place.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I have tried them both ways – with and without the inserts – and I think leaving the centres in makes a better shaped pom pom. Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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