A first December

When my niece was born earlier this year I stitched a quilt to welcome her into the world and to keep her cosy for years to come. I firmly believe that the best way to celebrate milestones is with a handmade present, so for her first Christmas I have made her an advent calendar similar to the one that I made for Matt a couple of years ago. I decided to make a festive pudding, complete with squishy holly and berries and lovely big currants. I hope that she will look forward to the first of December every year when her pudding will reappear, filled with chocolate.

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar



  1. G this is amazing!! You should be selling these!
    I bet you (& her mummy) can’t wait til she is old enough to have treats inside it 🙂 Lucky little girl x

  2. Dan put it up this morning and we shared a scrummy Advent chocolate in bed with a cup of tea – of course I made sure Miss B participated……. we let her watch – Next year little one, next year!!!

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