A week of workshops – the results!

I’ve been really busy this week, running summer holiday workshops for lots of lovely children. I thought you might like to see some of the things they made – their imagination knows no bounds!

Here are the photos from the Waterlooville project :

Some really sweet felt toys
A group shot of just some of the toys we made.

This is what we made at the Reach Out workshops at Making Space :

Our mission was to make a Tepig pokemon – I think its great!
All of the children made something that they loved.
I love the button wheels on this car!
A lovely colour combination on this pinwheel that we stitched in the afternoon.
Making Space is such a lovely place to work!


  1. Wow what wonderful monsters, cars and pokemon characters were made at your workshop. You are obviously an inspiring teacher. Well done.

  2. […] with my wicker basket and would love to learn the secrets of weaving. So imagine my delight when at the workshop I was teaching last night, who should set up next to me but the lovely people from the Hampshire Coppice Craftsmen’s […]

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