Mustachioed buttons!

One afternoon a long while ago I settled down to catch up on some of my favourite blogs and stumbled across the most marvellous little buttons, designed by the very clever John Caswell. I told Matt all about them and when they appeared in my Christmas stocking I was so surprised and thrilled! They have been pinned on my noticeboard ever since then and I am waiting for that perfect project to materialise so that I can use them. Whilst I am waiting for that project I need to share them with you, they are so special.

These wooden buttons are designed to be sewn on by their eyebrows and moustaches! I love that in one packet you get a range of sizes, expressions and facial hair. They are wonderfully functional and decorative at the same time. Of course the real fun comes when you decide which colours to use to attach them!

I used 6 strands of embroidery thread to attach these and went through the holes twice to make my eyebrows and moustaches nice and bushy! You can buy your very own set here. I haven’t decided what I am going to do with mine yet so I am pinning them safely back onto my noticeboard to inspire me whilst I sew.


  1. What fun you could have customising items of clothes with these. I wouldn’t be able to decide how to use them and wouldn’t want to lose them. (either by actually losing them or giving them to someone on a piece of work.)

  2. They’re great – so original! I think they’d look fab on a classic mannish-styled hand knitted cardigan in grey marl Shetland-type wool, sewn on in a range of zingy colours. I love natural wood buttons and grey wool together.

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