My giant knitted rug

This time last month I wrote a post about my amazing discovery whilst on holiday…the Sheep Shed in Ludlow, where I bought a pair of gigantic knitting needles! I shredded some jersey fabric and got to work. I have to sit on a stool as the needles are so long! I was going to make a bath mat, but once I had stood on it I decided that it simply had to be a super squishy rug to go by my bed.

My jersey fabric ready to go.

The first row
I love using two colours because it makes a lovely random pattern
I changed colours when I ran out of fabric



  1. This is epic! I have a project in mind for my jersey yarn but it is one of a super long list of to dos. I really like the doubled up colours. Yey for giant crafting! X

  2. This looks amazing. Another brilliant creation. Is there nothing that you cant turn your hand to. You certainly have lots of ideas.

  3. That’s beautiful Georgina! I tried using those needles at a craft fair last year – man alive they are an all-over-body-workout!!!

  4. Wow that’s amazing! I had no idea you could get knitting needles that big!The rug is beautiful! xxx

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