My heirloom quilt – the second panel

This is my ultimate work in progress – a hand stitched hexagonal patchwork quilt which will one day be large enough to cover a double bed. I am using all my favourite fabrics and am always on the look out for new ones to add. So my first panel is completed and my sister has designed the second, which is so very nearly finished. I’ve been so busy lately, sewing 150 metres of bunting to decorate Palmerston Road for the jubilee and working on a super secret project, that I haven’t had the time to finish this panel but as so many lovely people have asked me about my progress I wanted to give you an update. I will be wanting your opinion soon on my next panel so stay tuned with your thoughts at the ready!

The second panel…so far! Not too many more hexagons to finish this one.

The quilt so far – now I need to decide where I sew the two together!


  1. Oh I remember seeing the panel your sister put together – it’s looking fab. How do you sew it all – by hand?! I’m aiming to learn to quilt; I need to get on with that.

  2. I feel honoured to have seen the super secret project. Can’t wait to see pictures of it in action!!! x

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