A lick of paint and an old French map

I bought this set of drawers in an antique shop last month and they were in desperate need of a makeover. They were covered in cobwebs so I started by giving them a good scrub! I love wood so I wasn’t going to change anything about the outside, but I had plans for the drawers. I started by cleaning them out and then sealed up any holes with glue. Then I painted the inside edges in a creamy colour and lined them with an old French map. My Dad knows how much I love maps and gave me this one which used to come on holiday with us every year.

The finished drawers
My favourite map pages are the ones with coastline so I used one in each drawer.
Perfect dinosaur display!
This was the original plan for the drawers – fill them with mini monsters!


  1. What a lovely little set of drawers! I love the photo of your wee monsters sticking out! I like lining drawers with pretty paper too. As a child, my drawers were lined with the paper that my mum had received my baby gifts in when I was born, needless to say it now looks very ‘retro’!

    • I love the little knobs on the drawers too! I’m going to use them for displaying monsters in at fairs so I’m pleased you think they look good. That is such a lovely thing for her to do.

  2. Ah, I love this! I fancy doing a bit of furniture renovation. It makes such a difference, doesn’t it?! You did such a great job on this. I love the map idea!!

  3. I’m so pleased you left the outside as it was. I love maps too – and I love drawer linings. I recently found some old newspapers underneath the flattened out wrapping paper my grandmother had lined some drawers with. They’ll stay, with another layer on top to preserve them. 🙂

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