Easter making and baking!

There is something so lovely about sharing a well loved recipe. A while ago I decided that I needed to find a recipe for some awesome Easter biscuits to make this year. So imagine how thrilled I was to be sent such a recipe by Emma Lemonade, but not just any recipe, a recipe that her Mum has baked every year since she could remember. Well that made me feel pretty darn special, not to mention the letter she wrote me and also the beautiful crocheted heart that she included in this lovely yellow parcel! So today I set about baking them, wearing my beautiful purple spotty apron that Nikki made me for Christmas. Here are some photos of the biscuits I made today using this very recipe, the lovely heart that Emma crocheted for me and some chicks that I knitted to spread that Easter feeling. Much love to you all, enjoy your long weekend off with friends and family. I’m off to finish the Easter egg hunt that Matt left for me!

My Easter biscuits on my favourite plate with coffee in my favourite cup!
My heart brooch from Emma Lemonade



  1. These look absolutely delicious. Hope you managed to find all the eggs that Matt hid for you for Easter.

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