Calling all stitchers!

If you live in Portsmouth and can sew I need your help! St. Judes church are planning a lovely celebration of the Queen’s Diamond jubilee which will be taking place in Palmerston Road in June this year. The three day long event will be family focussed and will have lots of traditional stalls and games to get involved with. The aim of this event is to get everyone involved and celebrate the jubilee as a community. Bunting is being made by lots of local schools and groups to decorate Palmerston Road. The street is 20 metres wide and 165 metres long and the bunting needs to hang throughout this space so as you can imagine that is a lot of flags! It is somewhere in the region of 3,000 flags that will need to be sewn onto tape by some lovely volunteers. I have volunteered my time to help sew these together and I’m hoping that I can recruit a few more lovely stitchy people. Not only will we be helping to make something beautiful for the community but also we will get to meet each other, have cake and sew. Sounds excellent to me. If you would like to lend a hand then email me at


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