A lovely evening of rug making

Three lovely ladies came to the rag rug workshop and we had a really creative evening, surrounded by strips of fabric! After looking at the rugs that I had brought along as examples it didn’t take long for everyone to pick up their hooks and get making. The technique is fairly simple to pick up, so everyone was soon focused on creating a masterpiece. The ladies have kindly sent me some photos of their rugs in progress, take a peek below.

A cosy evening in Teatray, waiting for the ladies to arrive.
All the ingredients needed to make a lovely rug.
Emma's rug in progress
Wendy's rug in progress



  1. I love the idea of using up the scraps left over from general making…. now if only i could do the making part LOL

  2. Hi. Greatings from Finland. Where do You buy that bottom fabric for rugs. Here I can not find, so I wonder it I can order it on internet.
    Thanks Merja

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