The Eternal Maker

The Eternal Maker in Chichester is one of my very favourite fabric shops. There is an amazing choice of fabric and haberdashery, I always stock up on their lovely wool felt. The staff are very helpful and there are always lots of little sewn examples hiding around the shop to inspire you and show you how the fabric looks when its made up. They sell online too, find them here.

Tables full of buttons and fabric everywhere!
I love sticking my hand in these tubs of buttons!
Check out the lovely quilts on great big hangers!


  1. Looks like an AMAZING shop!! Thanks so much for sharing this I’ll definitely have to make a trip to visit! Does that area do a shop hop of any sort at some point throughout the year?

      • In Washington State we have a huge one in June! I think there’s some like fifty shops now that participate, it’s over a long weekend and you go to as many shops as you can, each shop gives you a quilt block to make so you can have an entire quilt top once you’re done AND BEST OF ALL you get to see tons and tons of amazing shops! Every state should do it if you ask me!

  2. Oh No!! Another lovely shop, this could end in disaster!!! (For me not the shop!!) Do they have dress fabric???

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