A New Species of Dinosaur!

I have spent many hours recently buried under piles of fabric, felt and buttons dreaming up some new ideas for plush toys. They are in the prototype stage at the moment and when I’m happy with them I will be asking you all for your very valued opinions! In the meantime I would very much appreciate some feedback on some new dinosaurs. I have given them a new look with several different types of spikes. Please let me know what you think and which is your favourite by leaving a comment below. Thank you my lovely readers!

This lovely dinosaur has one continuous piece of felt and soft little spikes.
This guy has spikes just down his tail in a lovely bright red.
This fella has graduated spikes which get bigger and smaller. I love this colour combination!
This dinosaur has little spikes that go all down her tail, quite ladylike!


  1. Hi Georgina πŸ™‚

    Love the dinosaurs πŸ˜€ i think the top and the bright blue ones have the best overall design but i love the colour of the bottom picture!

    is the sewing group at tea tray running again now? i’m still hoping to come along with my little one πŸ™‚

    you knit as well, don’t you? have you seen tina barretts knitted dinosaur book yet! highly recommend it they’re big but so simple to do… i made the stegosaurus for baby Jasper to give to his daddy for christmas πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I do love that bright blue too. Yes it is, it will be on this Thursday 6-8:30pm. O yes I’ve seen that, it looks lovely. Nice to know that they are simple. If you make it along to Teatray I would love to have a nose through it!

  2. I like them all but the one with the spikes just on the tail (grey and red) is my least fav if that’s any help! Prefer the spikes to be on the back too πŸ™‚

  3. LOVE these George! As you know I have a thing about dinosaurs! The stegosaurus style one with the graduated spikes is my favourite, and great colour combos on those too xx

  4. My 2yo loves dinosaurs and he seemed to prefer the first and third. They’re all great though πŸ™‚

  5. Do you know what???? I love them all, hey a bit of choice cant hurt can it?
    Really lovely george xxxxx

  6. My favourite is the first one. I like the shape, size of spikes & how they are placed together.Also the colour combination is my favourite. xxx

  7. I really like the first and last dino number three is ok but really don’t like number two he has sad spikes he looks like he has gone bald but love colour

  8. Hi George,
    I am a huge fan of just about everything you make and I love all of the dinosaurs. For me I am drawn to the dinasaurs with the graduated spikes but as you can see from the feedback we are all different and prefer different things. I agree with Emma that choice is a must, you don’t want to dissapoint anyone!!
    See you today at Tea and Cloth, I’m looking forward to seeing the projects everyone is working on. I am bringing my rag rug, my first one ever!

  9. Hi George,

    They are all lovely, but I think my favourite is the lady-like one at the bottom, working through to my least favourite at the top.

    • The bottom one has been taken to London today for a free art drop…exciting! I love the colour on that one, lovely and bright. Thanks for commenting!

  10. I love the first and last ones the most, and I know a certain little girl who would love one so you’ll have to let me know when I can buy one πŸ™‚

  11. Hi George.. .I’m loving Mr Continuous Spikes and Little Miss Ladylike, in other words: the top and bottom ones! However for the real test, I should let my 2 year old choose, he’s massively into dinosaurs at the moment, so he’ll give you his unbiaised opinion! Let me know when I need to bring him along for inspection πŸ˜‰

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