Treasure Hunting for Romance

I love love and romantic things, but I’m not too keen on Valentines Day. I think that you should spoil your partner and tell them that you love them every day. Here are some lovely things so that you can do just that!

Hand Embroidered Poetic Message by Cornflower Blue Studio on Etsy
Vintage Wooden ABC Blocks Love Message
Doily Etching by Fresh and Silly on Etsy
Reasons I Love You Pencil Set by One Up Designs on Etsy
I Like Your Beard Card by A Sea Of Ink on Etsy


  1. I agree you should always tell your loved ones that you love them. You never know what the future holds.

    Love is – a mothers love !!!! unconditional.

    Love is – darning his smelly socks or knitting him a new pair.

  2. completely agree – we don’t do valentines day for that reason – small thoughtful gifts at any time are much better 🙂

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