Hide & Seek

I can’t wait for Christmas. I can’t wait to give people the presents that I have sewn and knitted for them, eat lots of lots of chocolate and be all cosy with some of my favourite people. After Christmas I am looking forward to the New Year. I’ve got lots of exciting plans for my business, lots of new skills that I want to master and workshops to plan. I don’t mind if the weather is bad – any excuse to hibernate and sew! But I know that January can be a bit of a gloomy month, especially when set against the excitement of the month before. So I plan to wrap up some of my wares and leave them out and about for people to find in the last week of January. Monsters, aprons and some other surprises are going to find their way onto the streets of Portsmouth and if you find one please take it home and enjoy it!

I would really love it if you joined in, wherever in the world you may be. It would be really lovely to see little parcels appearing to put a smile on someone’s face. If you would like to join me then just leave a comment telling me your name, location and what sort of thing you make. I will then write a post on the 1st of January letting you know where to keep an eye out!

Some miniature monsters will definitely find their way out onto the streets!
And maybe even a dinosaur!


  1. This sounds fab! I can’t do too many pieces, but I will try and get a few items out on the streets – I’m in Portsmouth too, maybe we can meet up and help each other out with where to put them so we don’t clash? 🙂

  2. This is similar to an idea a friend and I had a while ago, but it involved jars. I can’t reveal too much of it in case, fingers crossed we get round to it one day. Very nice idea though. It would definitely brighten my day to find something beautiful.

  3. Count me in! I’m in Staffordshire, that’s quite a way from Portsmouth. I’ll take parton behalf of the Midlands 🙂

  4. I’m up for this – sounds lovely – may only get time for a couple of small bits but it sounds like fun 🙂 I’m in portsmouth

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