Hip to Knit at the Guildhall

I went along to the new knitting group, Hip to Knit, at the Guildhall this morning and met some lovely ladies. I started knitting little Christmas stockings (which will soon be on sale in Teatray) but then got distracted by some lovely little granny squares. Many people have tried to teach me crochet in the past but it has never stuck. However today the lovely ladies from the Ann Louise and Thistle wool shops patiently showed me again and it stuck. I excitedly cycled home and actually managed to produce a square to be proud of!

The beige square was my first attempt, then I got home and tried out the chunky one unaided!

For the chunky square I used chunky wool (Inca alpaca wool, col. 7020) and a 9mm crochet hook.

Hip to Knit takes place every Tuesday morning from 11am till 1pm in the Guildhall cafe.






      • Hi Georgina,
        I’m thinking about coming along to Hip to Knit sometimes, wouldn’t be able to every week – would that be ok? And does everyone just do their own thing ? I’m currently knitting ‘Teddies for Tragedies’ – which get sent to Sierra Leone,

      • Hi Fran,

        Thanks for getting in touch. I can’t go every week eitheras well, you can just pop in whenever you like, and you can stay for just an hour if you like too. Yes everyone brings along whatever they are working on, both big and small projects, knitting and crochet. I would love to see these teddies! Hopefully we will both be able to make it on the same day.


      • Thanks Georgina – I will ! yes I hope we meet,
        Happy knitting

  1. Hip to knit!! what a super cute name. Nice work on the granny square – and you said you couldn’t crochet! I’m going to dedicate some of my morning to making more granny squares for my blanket. I really hope it’s ready before winter! brrrr 🙂

  2. Oh, I only work across the way and fancy learning to crochet, so I might come across one week to see if they’ll show me.

  3. Well done for learning a new skill. I can crochet but although I can start I don’t know the correct way to finish. Maybe you can show me this w/e.xx

  4. Hello all!
    I am a newbie knitter, went to the Jazz Domino evening at the aspex last tues and bought her book, got really inspired and purchased a ball of wool and pair of knitting needles the very next day!
    Am making a scarf!! I never thought in a million years I’d get into knitting before the age of 60,
    very excited to hear there is a knitting group happening – how brilliant!
    Can’t wait to get onto patterns an stuff, gotta be a bit patient and learn the basics 1st tho, be great to get some ideas and guidance, and meet some ‘proper knitters’! 🙂

    • Hi Sue,

      Its a really lovely little knitting group, all the ladies are really friendly and they do good cake at the Guildhall cafe too! Hope to see you there one Tuesday soon.


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