Dig for Victory by Eleanor Callaghan

I recently discovered Eleanor Callaghan’s Etsy shop, Dig for Victory and boy what a treat! Each one of the dresses in her shop has been painstakingly designed and made with fantastic attention to detail. Eleanor works with vintage fabric to produce dresses which have stunning feminine silhouettes.

Watercolour Rose Print Prom Dress
Turquoise Linen Tiffany Prom Dress
Sky Blue and Salmon Pink Striped Promenade Dress

These are my favourites, have a look at the Dig for Victory shop and find yours!



  1. So adorable, i would love to have a proper style like this… if inly i could be botehred but the heans and leggings always call me louder than pretty dresses. Maybe when i get my machine I’ll run myself up a few dresses *cough* (cos its THAT easy don’t you know! – I’m so deluded!)

  2. Apologies for the appalling typing/spelling! I really should proof-read before i press the post comment button! my fingers get into such a tangle

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