Dreaming of a tidy studio

This set of drawers from twentytimesi on Etsy are not only beautiful but would keep my studio soooo tidy!

From twentytimesi Etsy shop

Visit their shop to find lots more treasure.



  1. OOh crumbs I bet that costs a few pennies, perhaps the 5p jar may have enough in it soon?

  2. Oh I would love one of these! Trying to organise small things is a nightmare.
    It was good to meet you today at the Guildhall Boutique Market. I loved what you had there – especially the little soft toys (do they have a name?) and the teacup candles. Hope to see you at the next one.

    • Hello Paula,

      I would love it for all my haberdashery! It was lovely to meet you too, thank you for commenting. I tend to call my toys “monsters” 🙂
      I will definitely be at the market again in the future, it has such a lovely atmosphere. If you check out my blog I will let you know when I’m doing the next one.

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