Worth a look

I have just discovered a rather nifty little website that can ‘convert’ wool. This is, if your pattern is telling you to use beautiful wool that will end up costing you a small fortune, this site can offer you several (just as beautiful but cheaper) alternatives. The address to visit is yarndex.com and you just need to answer a few questions.

Another website which I rate this week is the patchwork maker from the V&A. Simply upload your photo and the magic little program converts it into a quilt template for you. You can even pick the difficulty level and the number of colours that you want to use.

The best and most inspiring thing that I wish to share this week is the challenge that Marisa Lynch has set herself…to buy 365 outifits, for 365 dollars and to transform one a day into something wearable and original. Well worth a look at www.newdressaday.com


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  1. Just had a look at the new dress a day site. Thats dedication for you! She must be a very talented seamstress, some of those outfits a were just plain revolting and she turned them into somereally cute pieces. Admittedly not all of them were fab but i think an overwhelming majority were gorgeous. Grrrr darn people with skills!

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